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Dana Willis (Above)

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In Loving Memory of David Willis 



Selena Murad (Above)

The Terri Large: Keeping the Faith Scholarship is an annual award that recognizes student achievement for cancer patients or survivors. It is a one-time gift given to a senior student seeking higher education. Education was important to Terri.

All senior students meeting the above requirements can apply. Students must have a cumulative (through Semester I of senior year) 2.5 GPA to be eligible and committed to a two-year or four-year college, technical school, or vocational school after graduation. The selection will be made by the Keeping the Faith Scholarship Committee. All selections made by the committee are final.

The scholarship funds will be sent to the registered students’ account at a two-year or four-year college.

Students applying for the scholarship shall complete the scholarship application, write an essay, and submit the packet. For more information contact Sherry Berwick.

The 2019 scholarship window has closed. The next application window will open in Spring 2020. Application information will be available at that time.


2012 Terri Large Scholarship Winner: Ricardo Campos (UCLA)

2013 Terri Large Scholarship Winners: Sade Akenzua (UCR) and Brianna Morales (UCR)

2014 Terri Large Scholarship Winners: Selena Murad (UCR), Natalie Sweis (UCI), and David Willis (CSUSB) In Loving Memory of David Willis who passed from cancer in the Fall of 2015. 

​2015 Terri Large Scholarship Winner: Michael Riad

2016 Terri Large Scholarship Winner: Zehra Navqi (UC Berkeley)

2017 Terri Large Scholarship Winners: Dana Willis (UNT), Isaiah Martinez (Chaffey), & Lainey Gerber (OSU) 

2018 Terri Large Scholarship Winners: Ryan Sedey (CPP) & Winnie Chu (Harvey Mudd)

2019 Terri Large Scholarship Winners: Justin Mann (UCLA), Alyssa Perez (CPP), Trinity Rodrigues (Chaffey College), & Leila Vaught (CSULB).